Are you a candidate for EECP® therapy? You may be a candidate if:

  • You have Angina (stable/unstable), Heart failure and/or Cardiomyopathy
  • Your heart medications no longer relieve your angina (chest pain) or heart failure symptoms
  • You have been told you cannot have another bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty or stent.
  • You have chosen not to have surgery, angioplasties or invasive procedures

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) Therapy  

EECP is a safe, noninvasive, outpatient treatment option for patients suffering from ischemic heart
diseases such as angina and heart failure. Patients all over the world have benefited from EECP therapy
with potential reduction in the need of medications, increase in exercise tolerance, and improvement in
quality of life. In a 3 year followup study of patients who had both symptom relief and improved myocardial
perfusion after a course of EECP, 80% were shown to have preserved these benefits.

Brampton Cardio Pulmonary Services is one of a limited number of sites in Canada that offers EECP
therapy. For more information about undergoing EECP therapy at Brampton Cardio Pulmonary Services
please call the clinic at 905456 7174.