What to expect -EECP® Therapy: Simple, non-invasive, effective.

Before beginning EECP® treatment your therapist will ask you to empty your bladder and to change into the special treatment pants. Next, your blood pressure, pulse, breathing, and weight will be checked. Then, you will be asked about any changes in your angina or your condition since your last treatment. When you are lying comfortably on the treatment table, your therapist will put three ECG patches on your chest and wrap you snugly into the treatment cuffs. The finger sensor is applied at the start and again during the treatment hour so your therapist can check the readings and make adjustments that will give you the most effective treatment.

As the therapy begins, air fills the cuffs and the pressure will squeeze your legs and buttocks. The cuffs will inflate and deflate, gradually feeling tighter until the full treatment pressure is reached. At this point, you’re free to listen to music, watch TV, or take a nap for the rest of the hour.

It’s important to tell your therapist if you are experiencing angina, having trouble breathing, feeling points
of pressure or pain, or need to use the rest room. A brief pause in the treatment to make you more comfortable will not decrease the benefits.